Athletic Equipment Repair - Boeing Work Orders

Open work orders

Job #LocationDateMachineSerial #IssueStatusInvoice #Comment
3447Everett 40-20128 May 2024free motion assisted pull up/dipcable is possibly off track and stuck. assist platform not functioning
3446Everett 40-20128 May 2024Hammer Strength leg machineHSSLC1R22480710Needs a new pad
3445Spares 22-0128 May 2024LifeFitness Seat dip machinePSADSCE1110098Needs new pad Model # PSADSCE SN# PSADSCE1110098 5 28 2024: Need to order new pad
3443Everett 40-20124 May 2024Precor upright bikeAYZGK27130020bottom bracket on upright bike is loose and needs repair
3442Spares 22-0123 May 2024Precor EllipticalADFXH24150025Elliptical has a lot of friction when trying to change directions. Takes a lot of effort to work into the other direction
3440Plant 2 2-2223 May 2024Life Fitness EllipticalCXX124267Right foot pad of Elliptical makes clicking sound when applying downward pressure. This sound is made each time someone makes a stride on the right food pad.CompletedThis is duplicate work order with 3442...WO# 3441 has correct location
3430Plant 2 2-2229 Feb 2024Life FitnessMJCORE0915021Low Row Machine - Cable, cable housing, pulley and pulley cover all need to be replaced. The metal cable itself is unraveling and very sharp, will continue to wear out and ruin the cable housing, pulley, and pulley cover it not replaced. Thank you!Completed3-7-2024 New cable and pulley cover has been ordered. Issue: cable sheath cracked and then got caught on pulley side cover breaking side cable and side cover will resolve issue New cable was installed...but still need new pulley covers...which are in work order 3438.
3419Everett 40-20120 Feb 2024precor ellipticalEP308120901673elliptical 2nd from (L), if facing machines. elliptical not powering up, red light is coming on.Trouble shooting issue..2 26 2024: Initial trouble shooting, working on issue. Work order is for Precor but the unit is for Matrix Elliptical -EP308120901673 3 19 2024: Trouble shooting swapped displays and determine display is good. Determined system needs power generator part
3418Everett 40-20120 Feb 202445 degree back ext. pads need to be replaced or reupholstered. Waiting on ordered part2-26-2024 Got info to order parts
3417Everett 40-20114 Feb 2024Precor Leg Pressseat needs to be replaced or reuhpolsteredWaiting on ordered part2 26 2024: Got info to order parts
3415Everett 40-20114 Feb 2024Benches4 benches, 2 on the floor, 1 in the 1st breakout room across from fitness studio 1, and 1 in the Mens restroom/lockerroom on the 2nd floor near the offices need to be reupholstered. Waiting on ordered part for remaining benches Installed 2 Rogue bench pads2 26 2024:Got info to order parts 3 19 2024: Installed 2 Rogue pads
3412Everett 40-20106 Feb 2024Jacob11228Buckle for ankle strap is broken and needs to be replacedCompletedDuplicated Work Order / This is for Plant 2 and was completed
3409Bellevue 33-0430 Jan 2024Chin-up Barukngrips need to be replaced @ 40-92 gymWaiting on ordered parts4/5/2024: Grips have been ordered
3408Everett 40-20130 Jan 2024Chin-up Barunk grips need to be replaced
3384test site01 Nov 2023x19999987test of new emails
3378Plant 2 2-2219 Oct 2023tuff stuff squat cagenone listedadjustment nob (yellow in color) for the Tuff Stuff Squat Rack. 1 is missing 1 is sheered off and the safety bar can't be adjusted as a result I will email you photos of the 2 so it is a bit more detailed Thanks11-8-2023 Stopped by to verify issue and get serial # and part info. Identified system needs 2 adjustment knobs. Will order 3 knobs to have spare as they seem to wear out. Replaced 1 knob: 11/282 29 2024: Part was ordered but vendor didn't deliver part. We order part from another source, this work order should be closed out in 7 days 3 13 2024: Part on back order, checking with vendor on availability timeline. 5 22 2024 searching for push / pull send email to company that is restructuring...i may have found right part but have to confirm....
3333Everett 40-20124 Oct 2022precor ellipAEXXL11140003Squeaky, creaky, very annoying ;-) Sounds like the noise is from connections at flywheel waiting for parts21695trouble shoot: found failed bearing on back flywheel.
3309Garden Plaza 10-1607 Jan 2021Cage ? on brandCage needs to be disassembled. You can leave it in the Fitness Center where it is at. Let me know if you have any questions. 253-736-5764. Thanks
3307Everett 40-20106 Mar 2020Precor EFX 885AEXXL 11140017Showing message "HR not installed"
3306Plant 2 2-2203 Mar 2020Versa ClimberFoot strap broke (the hole that bolts it onto the foot pedal ripped). Left pedal needs a new strap.
3302Everett 40-9224 Feb 2020Adjustable benchPadding is starting to tear and needs to be replaced. Thank you.moded XFW 6700SB XFW 751501016
3301Everett 40-9224 Feb 2020Assisted pull-upPadding is tearing up making kneeling on it uncomfortable. Thank you.
3274Everett 40-20126 Sep 2019Precor EllipticalA782K12140016Clunking/grinding when in motion. Also reported that it was not inclining/declining during operation. Thanks.
3244Bellevue 33-0411 Apr 2019StairMill MatrixCS24150402301pitching Code c2-04, restarted and operates but will pitch code again.
3220Everett 40-20109 Jan 2019Precor AMTAJTEF21120031randomly slips during use, dropping the pedal to the bottom of the range.
3218South Park 15-2030 Nov 2018Chin DipPSADCSE1110098 Needs new pad/upholstery
3217Plant 2 2-2226 Nov 2018Decline BenchDecline Bench needs new cushion. The one that goes behind the knees.
3204Bellevue 33-0426 Sep 2018Precor Elliptical11-11157Machine is located in 3rd row of cardio equipment, furthest from the TV's. When attempting to increase or decrease incline, "Code 40" error message appears. Members also mentioned that "Code 45" appears occasionally as well.Need incline motor
3202CSTC 25-0112 Sep 2018Paramount BenchNeeds re-upholstered.
3195Everett 40-20104 Sep 2018Hammer Strength Multi-Purpose Bench10747Needs to be reupholstered. -Ross
3194Everett 40-20104 Sep 2018LF Back Extension101324525096Needs to be reupholstered. -Ross
3165Everett 40-20128 Jun 2018Marpo VMXPMK-00121109Endless rope has reached it's end. Needs a new rope and maybe a little chain love (it seems a little noisy) cleaning and lube may do it. Thanks, Phil Part charged on invo 20634
3163CSTC 25-0126 Jun 2018Life Fitness Upright Bike? Sounds like the belt is off or broken.
3147Plant 2 2-2217 May 2018All Keiser BikesGeneral Maintenance on all the Keiser Bikes. It has been a long time since they had this done.
3119Everett 40-9226 Feb 2018All of themPreventable maintenance. Thank you! -SF
3087Everett 40-20105 Oct 2017Life Fitness Elliptical - 95XSASW101840When you add resistance, the left side does not have the same amount of resistance as the right. When the resistance is higher, the difference is more noticeable and makes for abnormal motion. -CL
3065Everett 40-20128 Jul 2017Seated Leg CurlPSSLCE1008021Replacement ticket for one below: Please replace the back rest on machine. It is loose and the upholstery is wearing down. -RT
3064Everett 40-20126 Jul 2017Seated Leg CurlLifefitnessPlease replace the back rest on this machine. It is loose and the upholstery is wearing down. Thanks -SF
3050Everett 40-20125 May 2017Free Motion Dual Cable CrossW82288020Left rubber cable coating is torn near the handle attachment. Thanks, Ross
3019Everett 40-9223 Feb 2017All TreadmillPlease replace the emergency shut off on each treadmill if you feels its necessary. Possible cause of tread shutting down. Thanks -SF
3011Bellevue 33-0431 Jan 2017Life elliptical clsxCxx123981Alternator belt off center and damaged. Rubbing through left cover. Alternator belt needs to be replaced. Recommended left cover replacement. EJS
2936Bellevue 33-0430 Jun 2016FreeMotion TMLeft one- closest to LF TMBelt is too tight? It is making a high pitched sound when in use on a regular basis. I am taking a guess on if it is tight... Sounds like it is coming from the belt.
2935Bellevue 33-0427 Jun 2016StairMasterRight MachineSqueaking very loudly when in use.
2927Bellevue 33-0408 Jun 2016StairMasterRight Peddle broken? No resistance to the right peddle, upon stepping on it it goes straight to the floor while the left peddle has resistance. Left machine - closest to the LF Chest Press
2923Bellevue 33-0431 May 2016Leg Curl/Leg Extension Large Pad is showing wear and needs replacement
2916Everett 40-20113 May 2016Hammer Strength Rack Bench0454Missing seat adjustment knob on bench.
2897Spares 22-0101 Apr 2016All CardioQuarterly equipment maintenance on all treadmills, elipticals, stepmills, smith machine.
2896South Park 15-2001 Apr 2016All CardioQuarterly equipment maintenance- treadmills, ellipticals, step mills, smith machine!
2884CSTC 25-0122 Mar 2016Life Fitness Upright BikeNext to treadmillBoard won't activate.
2882Plant 2 2-2211 Mar 2016Life Fitness TreadmillCLL143373The life fitness treadmill nearest to the back door is squeaking when in use. Thanks Gary!
2870Bellevue 33-0409 Feb 2016Nautilus Stepper SC916155001DAY103600092 steppers need pedal bumpers
2858Garden Plaza 10-1614 Jan 2016Life Fitness AbdominalHandles are coming off.
2852CSTC 25-0108 Jan 2016TreadmillCLL143317The treadmill on the end by the men's locker-room clicks when the incline is raised. Please come fix. Thank you! - KatieGoing to need a incline motor.
2833Everett 40-20102 Dec 2015Paramount BenchXFW671306026Upholstery is beginning to crack and needs replaced
2832Everett 40-20102 Dec 2015Life Fitness Chest PressUpholstery on seat is cracking and needs replaced.
2830Everett 40-20102 Dec 2015Life Fitness RowUpholstery is cracking in the seat and needs replaced.
2829Everett 40-20102 Dec 2015Life Fitness Flat BenchUpholstery is cracking and needs replaced
2819Everett 40-20111 Nov 2015Stairmaster Stepper155001DAY10340163At moderate to high speeds, something feels/sounds loose. Potentially flywheel??needs part
2808Garden Plaza 10-1606 Nov 2015Stair Stepper1550J1DAY10340183The 2nd stair stepper form the AMT in the back row of the cardio area locks up after using 10 minutes on manual. Please come take a look at it. Thanks! :) -Katie
2803Everett 40-20128 Oct 2015Decline BenchLBL-PR-XFW53Leg roller upholstery needs to be reattached.
2773Bellevue 33-0417 Aug 2015FreeMotion Inclince TrainerEE740290189The Power Switch randomly shuts off which immediately stops the belt and is becoming a safety issue. Please fix asap. Thank you
2741Garden Plaza 10-1605 May 2015Biodex4-81 Industrial Athlete Center
2721CSTC 25-0123 Mar 2015upright bikeclosest to mirror (see larry or this bike is not consistently turning on and staying on for users.
2713Everett 40-20117 Mar 2015Stair mill150001day10330103Not working
2712Everett 40-20117 Mar 2015Stair MILL150001DAY10360033Making noise
2703Everett 40-20101 Mar 2015SM Stepmill1400509217005grinds when in use and we have received complaints about the stair motion being irregular. need step chains
2443Everett 40-20118 Jul 2013Free Motion Dual Cable CrossRequires new pin attachment to weight stack.
2428Bellevue 33-0403 May 2013Life Fitness TreadmillMotor(?) is very, very loud between levels 2-5. Item is directly below clock on the wall. Has a sign on it saying heart rate moniter not working
2424Bellevue 33-0424 Apr 2013Life Fitness EllpticalLast row of machines, 4th machine from left- 3rd LF Ellptical. Machine was very squeaky/made a grinding noise when member tried to use it.
2418Bellevue 33-0415 Apr 2013EllipticalAADWJ28100011I believe that the chain is loose, or needs oil. Makes a squeaking sound while in use
2414CSTC 25-0126 Mar 2013Schwinn Spin BikeOld Yellow Type Only OneNeed a new adjustment handle for handle bars. Need overall service to make sure bike is working properly.
2402Everett 40-9206 Feb 2013TreadmillJust received a notice regarding the treadmill not working in the 40-92 Fitness Center. Thank you!
2400Everett 40-9222 Jan 2013Stair Master40200The stairmaster closest to the wall with an S/N ending in 40200, has a flywheel that feels/sounds really wobbly and not aligned. Thanks!
2392Oxbow 9-15019 Dec 2012Pro FitterNever was fixed. Job # 2365
2391Bellevue 33-0419 Dec 2012Precor ETAADWJ13100007Machine is getting stuck when making rotations- clunk sensation
2390Everett 40-20118 Dec 2012Life Fitness Elliptical CLX109686Left heart rate monitor missing screw.
2388CSTC 25-0110 Dec 2012Lemond Spin Bike?The wheel is frozen. Can't pedal at all. The bike is in the stretching room.
2386Bellevue 33-0428 Nov 2012Sports Art Fitness Bike0225920display pad not working correctly
2385Oxbow 9-15028 Nov 2012x-dream cycleCN-OHFOK3-6480-229-OSBMSame issue as 2381 - just wondering what the status is on this machine? We are still getting a lot of complaints.
2384Everett 40-9214 Nov 2012Freemotion Incline TrainerU24260019Heart rate monitor is not functioning.
2383Everett 40-20106 Nov 2012cable machinenoneGary, please give me a ring. We need to break down a few cable machines in Renton, and this needs to be done in the next few days. Not sure you can get to it. please call ASAP to discuss. Thanks! Phil 425 717-6682 425 760-4390 cell - best bet today.
2382Oxbow 9-15025 Oct 2012BenchParamountWobbly
2381Oxbow 9-15025 Oct 2012X-Dream CycleCN-OHFOK3-6480-229-OSBMSteering seems to be stuck so you have to lean a lot to make turns.
2380Everett 40-20124 Oct 2012Massage ChairN/ANot functioning
2379Everett 40-20124 Oct 2012Massage ChairThere are numerous chair functions that do not work properly. This chair is located in the 40-201 Activity Center lobby.
2378Everett 40-9224 Oct 2012Free Motion TreadmillU24260019No function. Nothing displays or turns on.
2377Plant 2 2-2217 Oct 2012Life Fitness CLSCCLB105682the handle bars rock side-to-side. I tried tightening, but there's still some slack.
2376CSTC 25-0117 Oct 2012Lemond Spin Bike4110328477Front wheel is off and the left crank is rubbing.
2375CSTC 25-0117 Oct 2012Stairmaster (Nautilus)Can't read the #'s1st row on the left. Pedals are stuck in the upright position.
2374Everett 40-20116 Oct 2012Heavy Bagnot oneHave two Heavy bags that need to be hung. One in heavy bag room and one from TRX rack.
2373Bellevue 33-0416 Oct 2012LeMond BikeLF05121415671Left Crank is loose in which the left pedal jolts. Can tighten but it will only hold for a few rotations until the crank comes loose again Lemonds Yellow Bike with Metal Water Bottle Holder Yellow Caution Tape next to Pilot.
2371CSTC 25-2008 Oct 2012Sports Art Recumant BikeBroken Left Pedal
2370Everett 40-20101 Oct 2012TreadmillATT 107913***ATTENTION*** the location on this form is not accurate! There was no option for the Everett Factory, so I had to choose the Everett 40-201 in order to complete the work order :) ************************************* **Actual Location: Boeing Everett Factory, building 40-31, 3rd floor, door 32C15. To get into the room you must turn the door handle once, let go, then type the code: 761713, and then pull the door open. The treadmill is to the left in the very back left corner of the room. It has a broken ground prong on its plug that needs to be replaced. Please feel free to call my personal cell if you have any questions at all: 425-478-9613 (Krista). Thanks Gary!
2369Everett 40-20127 Sep 201293TiTTW102304Screen reads "Check for excessive belt wear"
2368Oxbow 9-15021 Sep 2012Punching bagN/AWe received a new punching bag from Power Systems, and it's missing some hardware: 4 screws/bolts. Phil has requested for you to please determine the right size screw/bolt and deliver to Oxbow for assembly? Thanks.
2366Everett 40-20120 Sep 2012StairMaster14005090217005Buttons on left side of display, as well as numbers on center of display, do not work.
2365Oxbow 9-15018 Sep 2012ProFitterWheel axel kit needs to be replaced. ONe was ordered by phil.
2361Everett 40-20111 Sep 2012Life fitness 9100ctj-102590The third of the three little squeely piggies...
2360Everett 40-20111 Sep 2012Life fitness 9100CTJ-102640This one is a moaner and groaner too...
2359Everett 40-20111 Sep 2012Life Fitness 9100CTJ-102617Squeeky noisy and irritating. Please make it stop;-)